Denon Announces LC6000 PRIME DJ Controller For Expanding Two-Deck Setups

  • It's out in the coming months for $699.
  • Denon announces LC6000 PRIME DJ controller for expanding two-deck setups image
  • Denon has announced a new DJ media controller, the LC6000 PRIME. Dubbed a "Performance Expansion Controller," the LC6000 PRIME makes use of Denon's dual layer playback system, which allows compatible Denon decks to play two tracks from a single player. While the LC6000 PRIME itself produces no audio, it provides dedicated access to the second layer when paired with a Denon player, supplying control over more than two tracks without having to purchase another dedicated deck. It can also be mapped to control laptop-based DJ software. When controlling compatible apps like Serato, Virtual DJ and Algoriddim DJay, the LC6000 PRIME can map to four virtual decks simultaneously, allowing you to mix four tracks simultaneously from a single controller. The unit can be powered via USB and features an 8.5-inch jogwheel, 10cm pitch fader and dedicated pitch up and down buttons for nudging tracks back and forth.
  • Watch a feature overview of the LC6000 PRIME:
  • The Denon LC6000 PRIME is available for $699.
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