Pioneer DJ Reveals CDJ-3000 Media Player

Touch Preview and Touch Cue are among the new features of the flagship device.

Pioneer DJ has announced a new CDJ.

The industry standard media player centres on a new micro-processor, improved audio and software performance plus upgraded touchscreen functions. The new Touch Preview feature allows you to preview tracks while browsing by touching the waveform display, while Touch Cue lets you preview any part of a track in your headphones even while the track is playing. Key Shift gives you control over a track's key without changing the playback speed, while Key Sync automatically analyses and matches the pitch of the incoming track to the master deck.

Link functionality has been upgraded, allowing you to play tracks from a single storage device across six CDJs. The screen brightness is 150 percent brighter than its predecessor and the jog wheel has half the latency. All media formats are supported (except CDs, which have now been removed), with a reduced noise floor and 96kHz/32-bit fidelity. There are also eight Hot Cue buttons positioned directly under the nine-inch touchscreen.

The decks are available to pre-order at the cost of $2,299 each.

Watch a promo video for the CDJ-3000:


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