Beatport's Streaming Service For DJs Now Available In Rekordbox As Public Beta

The controversial new LINK product, which streams tracks directly into DJ performance software, is available to test now.

Beatport's new subscription service product LINK is available as a public beta in Pioneer DJ's rekordbox software. 

After the initial roll out of the introductory component of the service, which gives subscribers the ability play over six million full-length tracks directly from their DJ performance software, a more professional-facing offering is now out for testing in rekordbox. 

Laptop DJs with either a LINK PRO ($39.99 a month) or LINK PRO+ ($59.99 a month) account will be able to store 50 and 100 tracks offline respectively, allowing users to play the tracks in a club without relying on an internet connection. According to Beatport, the streaming component will offer tracks at a quality level "higher level than 320kbps MP3 files." The beta is currently only available on Mac. 

The service sparked controversy among some label owners and producers who fear the subscription model will impact download sales, especially in light of the tiny dividends artists make from streaming services like Spotify. 

Beatport however describes LINK as an "additional revenue source for labels, artists and suppliers." Heiko Hoffmann, Beatport's artist and label relations officer, told CDM, "Unlike other DSP's, Beatport LINK has been conceived and developed in close cooperation with the labels and distributors on Beatport. Over the past year, new contracts were signed and all music used for LINK has been licensed by the right holders. However, if labels whose distributors have signed the new contract don’t want their catalog to be available for LINK they can opt out. But again: LINK is meant to provide an additional revenue source to the labels and artists." 

SoundCloud meanwhile has been pursuing a similar model with its SoundCloud Go+ product. 


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