Sasha - Scene Delete - The Remixes

Sasha is releasing an LP of remixes from last year's Scene Delete album. 

The largely downtempo Scene Delete came out through LateNightTales and was inspired by music from the likes of Nils Frahm and Max Reich. Now the label's announced a remix collection of album tracks from artists who swim in those same circles, some of which were previously released as EPs in the last few months. Erased Tapes artists Kiasmos and Rival Consoles both contribute versions, as do Christian Loffler, Plaid and Throwing Snow. Matthew Dear is also on board for a remix, while Sasha contributes a beatless edit of "Pontiac." Six of the tracks here are exclusive to the album version. 


01. Detour (Eat Lights Become Lights Remix) 
02. Shelter (Christian Löffler Remix) 
03. Bring On The Night-time (Stet Remix) 
04. Channel Deq (Max Cooper Remix) 
05. Vapour Trails (Kiasmos Remix) 
06. Abacus (Plaid Remix) 
07. Pontiac (Sasha Beatless Remix) 
08. View 2 (Colin Benders Remix) 
09. Cassette Sessions D (Throwing Snow Remix) 
10. Cassette Sessions E (Rival Consoles Remix) 
11. Pontiac (Matthew Dear Remix) 
12. Rooms (Skanna Remix) 

LateNightTales will release Scene Delete Remixes on May 19th, 2017

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