Sterac Electronics - Things To Think About

Steve Rachmad has revealed details of his first Sterac Electronics album, Things To Think About

Rachmad's known for his output as Sterac and Parallel 9, along with his given name. Sterac Electronics, which the producer says is "all about electro and its offspring," has been credited on only a handful of records, all issued in the early and mid-'00s. Things To Think About, the project's first full release since then, is due out on double-vinyl in June, through Tom Trago's label Voyage Direct. 

Things To Think About and a preceding single present material that Rachmad says was mostly made around 2006, a time when he sought to "disconnect" from the new form of minimal techno that was taking over clubs: "I wanted to do music that was completely disconnected from any dancefloor rules or whatever. I wanted to do music that was purely me... [and I] did not have any specific release plans." The album "represents the things I grew up listening to," he adds, pointing out key influences and inspirations from the '80s like D-Train (and the studio skills of Francois K, who mixed some of that group's early records), Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, David Frank from The System and John Robie. 

The idea for an LP was born from Rachmad's connection with Trago, who played his Keep It Simple night at Amsterdam's (now-closed) Studio 80 back in 2014. Rachmad has made occasional DJ appearances as Sterac Electronics, playing disco, soul, hip-hop, electro and more, and a few gigs are in the works around the album's release date. 


Things To Think About 

01. Altruistic Behaviour 
02. Game Changers 
03. Tuning Into Frequencies 
04. Original Pattern 
05. Metatron 
06. Next Destination 
07. Beyond My Wishes 
08. Visualize to Materalize 


A Archetype 
B Metatron 

Voyage Direct will release Things To Think About on June 10th, 2017

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