Sascha Funke - Lotos Land

German producer Sascha Funke will put out Lotos Land, his first album since 2008, through the Mule Musiq offshoot Endless Flight in June. 

Funke is probably best known for a longtime connection with Ellen Allien's BPitch Control label, the home to many of his releases, including his two albums, 2003's Bravo (reissued with the title Brave in 2011) and 2008's Mango. He'll make his Endless Flight debut with this LP, which was inspired by The Lotos-Eaters, an 1832 poem by Alfred Tennyson that describes a group of mariners who slip into a dreamy idleness after eating the mythical lotos (lotus) plant. 

The label says Funke, whose prior output has often balanced warm, moody tech house and minimal with pop sensibilities, presents a "vibrantly diverse" mix of "trance, techno, synth-wave, post-punk and ambient" on Lotos Land. His Saschienne project with Julienne Dessagne was a key influence, leading to an increased focus on live instrumentation and analog gear. The album's ten tracks include collaborations with Tel Aviv producer Autarkic and vocalists David Wilson (of Junto Club) and Emily Evans. Its cover, an interpretation of a century-old illustration inspired by The Lotos-Eaters, comes courtesy of Stefan Marx. 


01. Pogo Logo 
02. Comala feat. David Junto Club & Emily Evans 
03. Purple Hill 
04. Lotos Land 
05. Twirl 
06. Saint Seven 
07. Amber Light 
08. Im Feiern Und Feuer feat. Autarkic 
09. Shepherd's Crook 
10. O, Rest Ye, We Will Not Wander More 

Endless Flight will release Lotos Land on June 9th, 2017

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