Roman Flügel - All The Right Noises

Roman Flügel has a new album, All The Right Noises, upcoming through Dial Records. 

All The Right Noises continues the connection between the shape-shifting Frankfurt artist and the Hamburg label: Dial has released the two other solo full-lengths Flügel crafted, 2011's Fatty Folders and 2014's Happiness Is Happening, along with a few EPs. A press release for the new album notes Flügel's propensity for posting photos of his hotel rooms on Facebook, and suggests a mellow record made for those "calming" places away from the party, where "the bass drum kicks rarely." 

The artist himself says, "In addition to the contrast [to] the weekend business, I focused on the freedom of structure. Nothing needs to function. Some tracks are simply recorded live and never got quantized. It is an attempt to dissolve the musical pulse, or blurring it at least." 

All The Right Noises is Flügel's second solo release in 2016, after a recent 12-inch for Die Orakel. It's due to arrive in late October. 


01. Fantasy 
02. The Mighty Suns 
03. Dead Idols 
04. Nameless Lake 
05. Warm And Dewy 
06. Dust
07. Believers 
08. All The Right Noises 
09. Planet Zorg 
10. Life Tends To Come And Go 

Dial will release All The Right Noises on October 28th, 2016

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