Recondite - Placid

Recondite has a new album coming on Acid Test in October. 

Lorenz Brunner has teased details of the upcoming record, calledPlacid, on his Facebook Page. It comprises ten tracks, with Berlin-based duo Tale Of Us featuring on one song. Acid Test will also issue a new 12-inch from Brunner. Due out September 18th, it's called Limber/Undulate - Lawrence Mixes, and includes versions from the Dial mainstay. 

In other news, Recondite's On Acid will be reissued via Acid Test in September. On Acid was Brunner's first Recondite LP, as well as the first full-length to come out on Acid Test, a Los Angeles label that focuses on melancholic, modern takes on Roland TB-303 dance music. On Acid will be issued again on vinyl, and will also be included as a bonus disc included with the CD version ofPlacid (the first time On Acid will have seen release in that format). 

Tracklist 'Placid': 

01. Compel 
02. Pass Up 
03. Undulate 
04. Sequenze feat. Tale Of Us 
05. Pages 
06. Subdue 
07. Ley 
08. Placid 
09. Poised 
10. Nifty 

Limber/Undulate - Lawrence Mixes 

A1 Limber 
A2 Undulate 
B1 Lawrence Remix 
B2 Lawrence Dub Remix 

Acid Test will release Limber/Undulate - Lawrence Mixes on September 18th. Placid will follow in October.

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