Kölsch - 1983

 Kölsch has a new album on the way for Kompakt called 1983

The record arrives two years on from Rune Reilly Kölsch's debut album, 1977, which was also issued by Kompakt. Kölsch says this new LP was inspired by childhood car journeys through Europe. "When I was a kid in 1983, we used to drive through Europe every summer on the way to the south of France," he says. "A lot of my early music memories stem from these long travels, as we would listen to all my father's favorite records on the cassette deck. After getting a walkman, I would make up my own soundtrack for travelling, with early electro and hip hop creeping into my life. My father of course did not like it, and it never graced the official cassette deck of the car, obviously." 

1983 features collaborations with Gregor Schwellenbach, Waa Industry and WhoMadeWho's Tomas Høffding. Two album cuts—"Two Birds" and "Derdiedas"—also appear on Kölsch's forthcoming Speicher 84 single for Kompakt, which is due out April 20th. 


01. 1983 
02. Talbot feat. Gregor Schwellenbach 
03. Moonface 
04. Two Birds 
05. Pacer 
06. The Road feat. Gregor Schwellenbach 
07. Cassiopeia feat. Gregor Schwellenbach 
08. DerDieDas 
09. Die Anderen 
10. Bloodline feat. Tomas Høffding of WhoMadeWho 
11. Unterwegs 
12. E45 
13. Papageno 30 Years Later feat. Waa Industry 

Kompakt will release 1983 on June 8th, 2015.

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