Thyladomid - Interstellar Destiny (Diynamic Music)

Diynamic Music has revealed details for Thyladomid's debut album, Interstellar Destiny

The German house producer, real name Charles Thiemann, made his first big move with a track on Steve Lawler's VIVa Music imprint back in 2010. Since then he's notched a few more productions on OFF Recordings as well as Diynamic and its 2DIY4 sublabel, including collaborations with Swiss duo Adriatique. His first full-length features a few tracks with singer Mahfoud, including "The Real Thing," which was initially released last summer. 

Thiemann describes the album as "very melancholic," and explains the title and his primary inspiration: "Many things inspired me, but first and foremost it was movie scores. So when I was working on a track, I was actually imagining a movie scene that I would be doing the score for. The title Interstellar Destinymeans something in the way of 'universal meaning' or 'human purpose.' Every track describes a process or a situation of our lives here on planet Earth, a beautiful or not so beautiful facet of our existence." 


01. Intergalactic Spring 
02. Generation Y 
03. Brotherhood 
04. Inner Space 
05. Capitalism 
06. Polarlight 
07. Something On Earth 
08. Daddy Rainbow 
09. Dragonfly 
10. Mavericks feat. Mâhfoud 
11. Ladybird feat. Mâhfoud 
12. Ephidrin 
13. Love In The Wrong Dose feat. Mâhfoud 
14. The Real Thing feat Mâhfoud 
15. Outer Space 
16. Supernatural 

Diynamic Music will release Interstellar Destiny on April 20th, 2015.

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