Benjamin Fröhlich - Amiata

Permanent Vacation cofounder Benjamin Fröhlich is releasing his debut album on the label he runs with Tom Bioly. 

Amiata features nine cuts, ranging from "dub hybrids to Italo, disco- and boogie-inspired tracks, '90s spacey breakbeats and electro, to classic house," according to the press release. The LP arrives on May 10th, while a digital release of album cut "Saturnia" will be out on April 12th, accompanied by two remixes. 

Fröhlich has previously released several 12-inches on the Munich-based label he's been running with Bioly since 2006. The pair also DJ together as Permanent Vacation. 


01. Forty Trees 
02. Secret Alphabet 
03. The Big Sun 
04. Tivoli 
05. Pompeii Raiders 
06. Last Night feat. Dreamcast 
07. Cicada Dub 
08. Memory FM 
09. Saturnia 

Permanent Vacation will release Amiata on May 10th, 2019

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