Daso - Daso

Connaisseur will release a posthumous album by Daso this spring. 

Daso Franke died last april at age 37 after a battle with cancer. Connaisseur head Alex Flitsch was approached by Franke's father at the funeral, asking if Flitsch would release an album Franke finalised in the months before his death. (Franke had released a few records on the Frankfurt label over the years, including the 2007 Absinthe EP.) "We didn't decide on doing so lightly, knowing that the release of a post-mortem album can bring up certain issues," Flitsch says. "However, in the end, we agreed to do it, as we sincerely strive to create a final memento for Daso's musical legacy." 

The label will be hosting a memorial and release party the day before the album's release, on Thursday, April 4th, at the Griessmühle record store Latitude Berlin. 


01. Ambon 
02. Danubian 
03. Arpo 
04. Elements 
05. Burning Heart 
06. Cotton feat. Anouk Visée 
07. Hey Babe 
08. Deeper 
09. My Pony 
10. X-Rays 
11. Tango O Tango 
12. Ecotranse 

Connaisseur will release Daso on April 5th, 2019

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