Locked Groove - Sunset Service

The LP, inspired by Belgium's dance music history, will come out in March on Hotflush.

Locked Groove is putting out his debut album in March. 

Sunset Service is inspired by the musical history of Tim Van de Meutter's home country of Belgium, incorporating "fragments of EBM, New Beat, trance, rave and techno," the label says. The LP was made over the course of a year, in which Van de Meutter also released a steady stream of EPs. Two tracks from those—"Zillion" and "From Beyond"—are included here. The other ten tunes are new and unreleased, including two vocal collaborations. 

It will be preceded by two singles—"Do Not Freak" and "Out Of Orbit"—which will feature exclusive B-sides. 

Sunset Service also marks Van de Meutter's return to Hotflush, the label where he released his first-ever record back in 2012. 


01. Pudding feat. Nate Brown 
02. Do Not Freak 
03. From Beyond 
04. Out Of Orbit 
05. Zillion 
06. Soma 
07. Oscillate 
08. Swimming Upstream 
09. Round And Round 
10. Sunset Over Coku Tau 
11. Whistle 
12. Eden feat. Stella 

Hotflush will release Sunset Service on March 8th, 2019

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