Mariel Ito (Maceo Plex) - "2000-2005"

Eric Estornel has revealed full details of 2000-2005, the retrospective album forthcoming under his revived Mariel Ito alias. 

The Miami-born producer, who also goes by Maetrik and Maceo Plex, will release ten cuts of tender electro and IDM made between the year 2000 and 2005. The album, which drops on October 26th, is coming out on R&S Records, a label Estornel said "helped sculpt my taste growing up in the '90s." 

"Friends have been asking me for years why I ever abandoned [Mariel Ito] in the first place, and would egg me on to relaunch it," he continued. "Last year when I decided I wouldn't continue doing my Mosaic party in Ibiza, I knew I would have more time to finally relaunch it and began writing new material." 

Following January's 2e komst 12-inch on Lone Romantic, a second EP of new Mariel Ito tracks will come out on R&S later this year. 

Listen to "Approach." 



01. Kepler 186b 
02. Approach 
03. 99 Tricks 
04. Lovely 
05. Sad Piano 
06. Creature 
07. Portal Mover 
08. Process 7 
09. Xten 
10. The Fallen 

R&S Records will release 2000-2005 on October 26th, 2018

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