Adriatique - Nude

Adriatique are releasing their debut album on Tale Of Us' Afterlife label. 

Nude will follow up the two-track 12-inch they released on the label earlier this year and features a "re-incarnation" of one of the single's title track, "Ray." The Swiss duo, Adrians Shala and Schweizer, work with featured artists Delhia de France and Jono McCleery on the LP, which will be released in late October. 

Listen to the title track:


01. Dawning (Intro) 
02. Awakening Machines 
03. Random Notes Orchestra 
04. Nude 
05. Panchromatic 
06. Tachykardi (feat. Delhia de France) 
07. Point Of No Return 
08. Buchlas Dreaming 
09. Studies In Dance Theory 
10. Mystery (feat. Jono McCleery) 
11. Ultraschall 
12. Ray (Re-Incarnation) 
13. Awakening Machines (Extended Cut) 

Afterlife will release Nude on October 26th, 2018. 

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