Booka Shade - Cut The Strings

The duo's next full-length is out in April.

Booka Shade is putting out a new album, Cut The Strings, in April through their own Blaufield Music label. 

We're told Booka Shade "return to the essence of their sound" on Cut The Strings. After last year's collaboration-heavy Galvany Street LP, which featured Craig Walker and other vocalists on nearly all its tracks, this one has the Berlin-based duo of Walter Merziger and Arno Kammermeier getting back to a more instrumental approach. There's only three guest appearances, from singers Giorgia Angiuli (who used to put out records on BPitch Control as half of We Love), Troels Abrahamsen (from the Danish rock group Veto) and Daniel Spencer, among the album's 11 tunes. 


01. Easy Drifter 
02. Night Surfing 
03. EMS Love 
04. Cut The Strings feat. Troels Abrahamsen 
05. Confessions 
06. Kolibri 
07. And You? 
08. Lost feat. Daniel Spencer 
09. Black Crystal 
10. Tyrell 
11. Aftermath feat. Giorgia Angiuli 

Blaufield will release Cut The Strings on April 4th, 2018

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