John Tejada - Dead Start Program (Kompakt)

The record features sleeve art from Juan Mendez.

A new John Tejada album lands on Kompakt next month. 

Dead Start Program is Tejada's 13th full-length, and his fourth for Kompakt. The seasoned Los Angeles-based producer named it after the analog program used to start the CDC 6600, an innovative 1960s supercomputer that was the most powerful of its era. (It had 400,000 transistors and more than 100 miles of wiring.) Juan Mendez, AKA Silent Servant, designed the sleeve artwork, which is based on a photo of the CDC 6600's dead start program panel by Mark Richards. 

Kompakt says Tejada used a "limited studio setup" to make the album, which features "a prismatic array of styles and patterns." The artist himself describes it as a metaphorical "reboot from the challenges life throws at you." 

Listen to Dead Start Program's opening track, "Autoseek," before its February 9th release on double-vinyl, CD and digital formats. 




01. Autoseek 
02. Detector 
03. Sleep Spindle 
04. Hypochondriac 
05. Loss 
06. The Looping Generation 
07. Telemetry 
08. Duty Cycle 
09. All At Sea 
10. Heal 
11. Quipu 

Kompakt will release Dead Start Program on February 9th, 2018

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