The Hacker - Le Théâtre Des Opérations

Miss Kittin features on the LP, which is coming out net month.

The Hacker will release a new album on Dark Entries in November. 

For Le Théâtre des Opérations, Michel Amato crafted eight analog tracks that look to his primary influences: EBM and avant-garde techno. Dark Entries references Front 242, Jeff Mills, Dopplereffekt and SPK as sonic touchstones for the new album, which takes its title from a metaphysical journal by the Canadian science fiction writer Maurice G Dantec. Amato's longtime collaborator Caroline Herve, aka Miss Kittin, contributes vocals on "Time X," a cut referencing French television show Temps X




A1 Underwater Sequence 
A2 Frozen Voices 
B1 Time X feat. Miss Kittin 
B2 Dancing Mekanik 
C1 Dark Neon 
C2 Body Diktat 
D1 Complicated Dances 
D2 Camisole Chimique 

Dark Entries will release Le Théâtre des Opérations on November 15th, 2017

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