Four Tet - New Energy

Four Tet's next LP, New Energy, is coming out on September 29th. 

Kieran Hebden revealed the tracklist and release date of his new album via Twitter. It features previously released singles "Two Thousand And Seventeen," "SW9 9SL" and "Planet." There's no word on what label it's coming out on, though the last few Four Tet releases have been released via Hebden's own Text Records.

Hebden has been hinting at New Energy since the release of "Two Thousand And Seventeen," when he said he'd been working on an album for ten months. He's also due to release a 12-inch called "Question" under the name KH as Text's 44th record.


01. Alap 
02. Two Thousand And Seventeen 
03. LA Trance 
04. Tremper 
05. Lush 
06. Scientists 
07. Falls 2 
08. You Are Loved 
09. SW9 9SL 
10. 10 Midi 
11. Memories 
12. Daughter 
13. Gentle Soul 
14. Planet 

New Energy is out on September 29th, 2017

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