Radio Slave - Feel The Same

The LP will come out via Rekids in September.

Radio Slave's debut album, Feel The Same, will hit the shelves on September 15th. 

The UK techno artist, real name Matt Edwards, broke the news last month when announcing his latest EP, OverdueFeel The Same, which spans 13 tracks, will also come out on Rekids, the label Edwards has been running since 2006. In that time he's put out dozens of EPs as Radio Slave, in addition to albums as REKID and The Machine. Feel The Same will be available in digital, CD and vinyl formats. 


01. 2nd Home 
02. Forana 
03. Feel The Same 
04. Trans 
05. Draw 
06. Axis 
07. 101 
08. Geisterstadt 
09. Parallels 
10. With You 
11. No Words / Just This 
12. Rize 
13. Gaikokujin 

Rekids will release Feel The Same on September 15th, 2017

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