Cocoon Compilation S

Cocoon Compilation S comes out next month.

Cocoon Recordings will release the latest edition of its alphabet series, Cocoon Compilation S, on August 23rd. 

Sven Väth's label launched the annual album series in the year 2000, and it's still going strong today. The collection drops in the midst of Cocoon Ibiza's 20th anniversary parties at Amnesia. 


A Love Over Entropy - As If 
B Stimming - The Gift That Never Stops To Give 
C Talaboman - Big Room Anthemic Groovy Pounding Trance Dub Bomb. Superb! 
D Emanuel Satie - Planet Xxx 
E Edward - End Days 
F Florian Hollerith - Kurzvor12 
G Raxon - The Turbulent 
H Mark Broom - Jaded 
I Egbert - Tering 
J Dino Lenny - Keep Changing Basslines 
K Neil Landstrumm - Flesh Is A Prison 
L1 Red Axes - Hevk 

Cocoon Recordings will release Cocoon Compilation S on August 23rd, 2019

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