Mixcloud Introduces Premium Service, Sets New Restrictions On Free Users

The streaming platform says they are taking measures to ensure creators are properly paid.

Mixcloud is introducing its newest service, Mixcloud Premium, in an effort to maintain fair payments to artists and creators. 

Premium costs $7.99 a month and gives users unlimited access to all shows and mixes across the platform. It will exist alongside Mixcloud Select, where users can subscribe to individual artists for a set monthly fee. 

With the introduction of Premium, Mixcloud is also placing new limits on what free users can do. Free users will only be able to seek forwards in a mix (not backwards), will only be able to listen to the same mix three times in a period of two weeks and will only be able to listen to mixes that feature less than four tracks by the same artist, or three tracks from a given album. 

Mixcloud have laid out the changes, and their reasoning, in a Medium post. 

"When you stream any show on Mixcloud, the underlying tracks are identified through audio fingerprinting technology, so that we can pay royalty fees to the relevant rightsholders," their statement says. "Since we started building this platform, the royalty costs we pay for every person who listens for free have steadily risen. Today, the revenue that we make from advertising simply doesn't come close to covering these costs." 

The platform provides several infographics on how to the money will be used, which you can see below. 



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