Rotationz (The Heart of Club Nature) is one of the biggest radioshows in Belgium concerning Quality Electronic Dance Music (organic - progressive & melodic house, melodic techno & electronica).

Rotationz was founded on 31/05/2003 by Hans Rotationz & Tim Davis and over the past years we broadcasted dj-sets from all over the world by the most famous deejays. All those years we've received support from more than 1000 labels worldwide. 

From May 2003 till December 2015, we broadcasted our national radioshow every Saturday evening on Topradio Belgium (hosted & mixed by Hans Rotationz) between 20.00 and 22.00 H.

From January 2016 till July 2021, we broadcasted the live radioshow every Sunday evening on Topradio Belgium (hosted & mixed by Hans Rotationz) between 21.00 and 22.00 H. 

We have been introducing the newest tracks, artist albums, cd-compilations & the hottest DJ-mixes, and you could win free cds and free tickets for many parties.

From now on (September 2021), we still broadcast the show every SUNDAY evening on 'The One Ibiza' & 'The One Marbella' between 21H00 and 22H00 + DanceTunes Radio (every FRIDAY between 22H00 and 24H00).

Rotationz is still mixed by 'headhoncho' Hans Rotationz & his underground army (Pedro Mercado, Wess Vida, Kris Adrian, ...)

This is our current mixsession-schedule: (The One Ibiza & Marbella)

1st Sunday (21-22h):  Dj Pedro Mercado - Mixsession

2nd Sunday (21-22h): Hans Rotationz - Mixsession

3rd Sunday (21-22h):  Wess Vida - Mixsession

4th Sunday (21-22h):  Jam Deluxe - Mixsession


*** For more info about the full dj-schedule (DanceTunes Radio), please check: